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About Us

Project SAFE

Project SAFE is a grassroots, direct-service, and peer-based harm reduction organization. We organize with and provide women- and queer-centered services with a focus on community members living and working in the street economies in Kensington. 

Why We Exist

Established in Philadelphia in 2004, Project SAFE’s mission is to promote human rights-based public health and harm reduction to women and queer people in the street economies of Kensington. Sex workers and people who use drugs around the world are stigmatized and criminalized. Our community members deserve to live with dignity and respect for their autonomy. We work to ensure that our members have access to basic needs and harm reduction supplies. Our work also focuses on building community and advocating for the rights of sex workers and people who use drugs.

Our Funding

Project SAFE is funded by community donations. Our fiscal sponsor is the Hack Club.